Conscious and Vocal! Falz’s New Single ‘Talk’ Is A Bold Social Commentary



Rapper Falz the Bahd Guy has just released a new single dubbed Talkand as the title suggests, the song finds him snapping about the state of the nation.


He opens the record referencing the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) – a religious group that tendered him a 7-days ultimatum to withdraw the video for his politically charged 2018 track, This Is Nigeria over scenes of the Hijab-wearing dancers. “Brother MURI shout finish we no see am for court”, he rapped, putting Hijab-wearing characters on display again.

With the general election in view, the rapper took time to also address the current political landscape, highlighting the continued case of public funds embezzlement by political leaders. “Small man thief for market, we set fire for him body, big man thief money, we dey hail am like dummy / we dey suffer, we dey smile, we fear to talk, my people no get to chop, my people no get work”.

The song also saw him speak on the age-long debate about pastors who acquire private jet while their congregation live in lack and the harrowing case of cybercrime in Nigeria.

Talk is the tentative lead single from his forthcoming album, Moral Instruction set to drop on January 15.


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